Art is truth and truth is beauty


I have been an artist and photographer and film maker for over 20 years.  I believe that photography is an art form but that the majority of photography is not art.  I believe the true art is in the seeing and the vision and the meaning behind the images.  My goal, when working with clients, is to create pieces of art that suit their tastes in design and expression that they would be proud to display as prints or canvases in their homes, one of a kind pieces that people comment on before they even realize that my clients themselves are featured in them.  I have a BA in New Media arts as well as extensive experience shooting for commerial clients as well as photojournalism for newspapers.  I have been fortunate enough to see a lot of the world teaching workshops on street photography and to have recieved many awards and publications.  Recently, as a father of two, I have settled into a non-arts job in order to support my family and be present in the present.  However, I will always need the arts as a personal outlet and I am always looking to become involved in interesting projects that I find creative and appealing.  What that means, basically, is that my prices are amazing if I am interested and not already booked.    


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